Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pirate's Pledge

  1. Information Be Free
  2. Government Be Small
  3. Pirates Be Many
The above pledge is simple and self explanatory. If you are too dumb to figure it out then you might have landed here by mistake and should Google for Johnny Depp instead. Our pledge above is, IMHO (in my high opinion) is what Malaysia needs. Firstly all information even internal secrets must be free. It is to the benefit of the citizenry to know what is happening to their money and the people they put there and the deliberations they make. Come on, it is not your grandfather's money. Actually it is partially but that also means all our grandfathers' and our own and future generations' money.

But we do not care about your personal bed habits, such as who you are sleeping with, not sleeping with or like to sleep with. All we care is about what policy goes there and who else goes there in sabotaging the policy. We are concerned about results, issues and projects for the masses and not personalities nor unrelated events. In fact we think that many events are created to divert attention from the real affairs of the state.

Small government is obviously what is happening with the rest of the world other than here. Big government creates big overhead and big headaches of red tape, lethargy and more tax money going into their pockets. Heh, we got one idea here: use web technology to do everything from self service to instant polls to avoid bad bad decisions - thus cutting costs and voila, smaller government.

More pirates means we want more people understanding this pledge, yet gently assuring the audience that the pirates you find today are bad copies of the real pirates of the glorious days.